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A large part of Dr. Fracht's practice is made up of contact lens wearers. Today's contact lenses offer patients many options that can enhance their lives, not only in the workplace and on the job, but in leisure time as well. For many patients, contact lenses have enabled them to engage in hobbies and sports activities that they would otherwise not have been able to enjoy with conventional eyewear. Many of the patients that Dr. Fracht has successfully fit in contacts have been told that they could not wear contacts by their previous eye doctors. Dr Fracht has been helping patients enjoy the benefits of contact lenses for almost 4 decades.

If it has been a year or more since your last eye exam and you are ready for an eye doctor who takes a personal interest in you as a patient and as a person, perhaps it is time to call Dr. Carey Fracht's office and schedule a comprehensive eye exam. He is also certified in Therapeutic Optometry, the treatment of eye infections, inflammations, allergic reactions and foreign body removal.

Dr. Fracht also serves the Jasper Texas area at a second location at 130 N. Austin Street Jasper, TX 75951. The Jasper Eye Clinc is directly across the street from the east side of the Jasper County Court House.

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